Eyebrows – £8

Top lip – £7

Chin – £7

Chin and lip – £12

Underarm – £10

1/2 arms – £11

Full arms – £18

Tummy – £8-14

Bikini – £10

Bikini and full leg – £27

Bikini and 1/2 leg – £22

Upper legs – £19

1/2 legs – £17

Toes – £8

Manicures & Pedicures


Hand File & Polish – £12

Each finger nail is professionally filed and a choice of nail polish applied.  Hand cream is then gently massaged in to finish.  Magnetic polishes are also available within this treatment.

Venus Manicure – £24

Professionally Soaked & Softened, carefully filed and shaped, cuticles pushed back, both hands are exfoliated, hands massaged and your choice of nail polish professionally applied and finished with Hand Cream.

Venus Luxury Manicure – £29

All of the above, plus a deeply conditioning Hand Masque is applied to treat dry, rough skin and then both hands are put into heated hand mitts for 10 minutes. Your hands became very soft and smooth before nail painting begins.

Venus Deluxe Wax Manicure – £34

Paraffin wax applied over hands up to your wrists. The liquid wax dries and hardens and is then peeled off, cleansing your hands in the process, as well as Softening and Moisturising the skin before nail painting begins.

French Polish – £4 per treatment

This distinct and elegant French Polish finish is available on any of our Manicures and/ or Pedicures.


Venus Pedicure – £28

Soaked & Softened, carefully filed and shaped nails. Cuticles gently pushed back and any hard skin is skillfully removed.  Both feet are exfoliated, then a wonderful foot massage, which goes beyond the ankle and up to the knee. Not to be left out, each and every toe nail is painted.

Venus Luxury Pedicure – £34

All of the above treats plus an exfoliation on both feet, a foot  masque to deeply condition any dry or rough skin, which continues with heated bootees for ten minutes before the toes are carefully  painted.

Venus Deluxe Pedicure – £39

All of the Venus Manicure, plus both feet exfoliated, and warm heated Paraffin wax is applied over feet up to your ankles. The liquid wax cools |&| hardens and is then peeled off, cleansing your feet in the process, as well as softening and moisturising the skin. Many have sworn that it helps with day to day aches and pains.